Crayons MAGIC 12 + 1 pcs 3408 KOH-I-NOOR


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- 12 crayons + 1 colorless pencil (Blender)

- 3 shades of colors in one pencil

- ideal for painting larger areas


Multicolored creative crayons Magic 12 +1 pcs will create a multicolored line without the user having to rotate the crayon while moving.

A small change in the tilt of the tip will change the color of the line.

Therefore, only one crayon can be used to achieve the desired color effect.

The unique properties of these crayons are especially evident when painting large areas. The paper box contains 12 shades of colors and one colorless crayon called Blender, which ensures the unification of color transitions. Blender mixes the individual shades and the whole drawing achieves a uniform and complete look.

The triangular shape allows a perfect grip of the crayon and thus facilitates the work.

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